Marketplace: best practices

Companies can often suffer from activities falling into silos as a result of a breakdown by geographical area or by function. This can affect performance, with good initiatives remaining confined to a local scope instead of benefiting the company as a whole.

By deploying an idea that has already been tested at a smaller scale, a company maximizes the prospect of successful widespread implementation as knowledge is already available on the kind of results that can be achieved, the limitations involved, and the prerequisites for success.


Our approach
To help our clients run benchmarking operations, we apply our proven Marketplace method.

This involves designing, proposing and organizing an interactive co-operative event for formalizing, sharing and implementing good practices across a company.

Marketplace events put instigators of impactful projects and innovative ideas in contact with colleagues who are looking for ways to accelerate achievement of their objectives in their particular fields: sales, technologies, finance, etc. By highlighting approaches that have already delivered results, Marketplace stimulates innovation, networking and operational cross-fertilization across teams throughout the company.

Organising a Marketplace
Our experts provide ready-to-use Marketplace expertise, with support covering design, event preparation, organization and measurement of results.


> Identify, align and formalize customer expectations: goals, participants, positioning.
> Steer projects: timetable, deliverables, activities, roles & responsibilities, risks.
> Identify and select best practices for sharing at the Marketplace.
> Consolidate and formalize best practices in an explanatory booklet: background, solution, prerequisites, outlay, key factors.
> Validate Marketplace organization with the client company: plenary sessions, interaction times, conferences, lunch break, etc...
> Brief participants on content presentation and event format.
> Manage relations with key suppliers (events agency, security, internal communications).

On the day

Marketplace event provides an informal but organized venue for sharing and cross-fertilization of best practices. Each best practice is presented at a stand run by the team that designed and implements it:

> The instigators of the best practices on show (the “givers”) explain their experiences to facilitate take-up by other teams.

> People looking for solutions (the “takers”) visit the stands to check out best practices likely to be applicable in their specific fields of interest or activity.

After the Marketplace, feasibility studies will be conducted and decisions taken on whether or not to take up the best practices under examination.

Project example
More than 200 participants from 31 countries took part in a Marketplace event put on for a major French corporation, as a result of which 16 business initiatives were deployed, representing a net revenue of €40 million. Relevance of the event was reflected in the score of 4.6 out of 5 obtained in a survey of participants at the event.