With 25 years’ experience in operational implementation of Lean Manufacturing in various business sectors, our Manufacturing & Supply Chain practice fields an expert team ready to provide practical advice in the application of methods for achieving industrial performance.

Projects for increasing your businesses success cover subjects such as daily management, plant management, quality management, workflow management and industrial system management.

Our expert consultants hold more than 15 years’ experience in Lean Manufacturing implementation. They harness in-depth know-how from the best approaches in tried and tested production system techniques through to the latest Industry 4.0 advances.

To help you put together a high-performance industrial system, they will guide you through our proven methodology, which enjoys wide industry recognition and targets excellence in customer satisfaction and profitability.

Lean Manufacturing
Our consultants will show you how this works in everyday practice, to achieve product and service quality, competitive production costs, optimum lead times under close control, and a corporate culture of continuous progress and operational excellence. One thing this brings is optimum frugality in capital expenditure. Our consultants will also help you build long-term profitability by rigorous elimination of waste in its fullest sense, meaning any activity that does not add value for the customer. They will also determine the type of organization best matched to your company’s current production system.

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Projects and know-how in Manufacturing & Supply Chain

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