Transferring knowledge for continuous improvement

One of our goals is to make sure you benefit from operational excellence and a culture of continuous improvement long after we’ve finished working with your organisation. We call this ‘transfer of knowledge’ – making every effort to give you and your team members the information and skills they need for a Lean, efficient and successful business.

Our transfer of knowledge will empower your team to own and sustain the journey towards Operational Excellence. Of course, we’ll always be here for you, to provide support and validate the work of your internal improvement team. But ultimately what we want is for your business to have the necessary internal knowledge and resources to ensure continuous improvement and process excellence.

I Do, We Do, You Do – our unique methodology for continuous improvement

Our approach to the transfer of knowledge is implemented using a Renault-Nissan Consulting methodology and process called I Do, We Do, You Do. This ensures that not only do we deliver expert consultancy services and operational excellence, but that we prepare your team to repeat the tools and processes we have used for continuous improvement without our supervision on a long-term basis.

 The support you need for long-term continuous improvement

Our unique approach to the transfer of knowledge using the I Do, We Do, You Do system shows how dedicated we are to your long-term success. It is also a testament to our belief in the benefits of Lean and the fact that we only ever provide the appropriate level of support for each organisation we work with.