Lean assessment for effective Lean management

Our Lean Assessment gives you an objective, independent view of your efficiency, business processes and Lean management. Having provided business improvement consultancy and advice for over 25 years, we make sure operational aspects of your business work more effectively, using world-class benchmarks for comparison.

Independent Lean Assessment for effective Lean management

We can provide you with Lean Assessment services in the following two ways:

1. Lean Assessment Tool

  • Our experts agree the scope of work required and how you would like us to support you, aligned with the needs of your business
  • We apply objective assessment tools to give you a snapshot of how Lean your organisation is at any point during your Lean management process
  • We carry out an assessment that provides a review of your Lean transformation progress along with our recommendations for next steps
  • Our findings are presented, highlighting improvement opportunities and, if necessary, providing appropriate Lean management solutions.

2. Supply Chain Diagnostic

  • Analysis of your current supply chain processes extending across all areas – such as forecasting, procurement, supplier relationships, quality management, production, maintenance, warehouse management, distribution and billing
  • If required, we can assess your ability to meet the demands of collaboration and partnerships across the supply chain
  • We then provide an objective review for supply chain transformation to help reduce costs in areas like manufacturing, transportation, inventory and storage costs, and improve supply chain performance

Better Lean management with our baseline assessments

Our flexible options for assessments enable you to gain an unbiased, impartial review of your progress on the Lean journey. Our experience helping organisations around the world to improve means you can trust that our advice will provide business transformation and Lean management that produces results.