Problem Solving – ‘SPOT’

Our ‘SPOT’ training Programme (Specific Problem Obstacle Tool)

Create a Continuous Improvement culture by equipping all staff to correctly identify and solve problems.

This 1-day course introduces common process improvement techniques packaged together to form a structured system which guides users through the stages of practical problem solving.

During the day participants explore and practice the use of the techniques both as stand-alone improvement tools and as a system to solve problems. At the end of the day, participants will be issued with supporting reference material and work packs, and will be armed with the necessary skills to address all sorts of problems facing them back at the workplace.

Benefits to your organisation

  • More problems will be solved
  • Fewer escalations of issues to managers as people gain confidence to address problems at the point of occurrence
  • Less time will be wasted dealing with the symptoms of problems as oppose to eliminating the causes
  • Staff frustration will reduce as belief builds that “problems can be solved”
  • Fast positive impact  on your business and/or your processes that generates results, belief and momentum for your continuous improvement or Lean transformation programme

Topics covered

  • Problem definition and measurement
  • Process mapping and analysis
  • Root cause analysis tools
  • Solution generation
  • Improvement planning and implementation
  • Improvement review and closure

Who should attend?

  • Front line workers and supervisors within an organisation which is striving to drive a culture of improvement
  • Managers and Directors looking to lead by example towards an objective of elimination of inefficiencies and waste

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