Lean Six Sigma Certification

Developed in conjunction with and approved by the British Quality Foundation, our Six Sigma certification provides independent verification of candidates’ competency in the principles of Lean Six Sigma. It is suitable for anyone who has applied the relevant methodologies within their organisation, regardless of the sector, and is measured against national benchmarks.

Assessing skills for Lean Six Sigma certification

Candidates aiming to acquire the Lean Six Sigma certification must demonstrate both theoretical knowledge and experience leading projects in a real working environment. The certification is designed to build upon the skills learnt during structured training. Successful candidates receive written feedback and join the official certification register, held by the British Quality Foundation.

How you will benefit from Lean Six Sigma certification

  • Candidates gain international recognition for a commitment to quality and the ability to deliver business improvements
  • Businesses achieve a faster return on investment as employees add value in a real working environment to obtain certification
  • Both candidates and businesses can promote their Lean Six Sigma certification, experience and commitment to improvement as a mark of excellence


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Some feedback:

“Very good training and was very useful to my job role.”

“Excellent market / industry experience of trainer & his ability to relate to what we do.”

“Clear concise & relevant to my day to day work.”

 “Instructor was excellent.”

“Very good structure & content. The trainer did a great job in exploring difficult topics. They brought great examples!”