Building foundations for Business Improvement

Preparing people for progression and change

This 2 day training workshop is focused on the human elements of business improvement, and provides firm foundations for improvement projects generating measurable results and engaged teams.

a 2 day course

This workshop incorporates a broad introduction to business improvement methodologies such as Lean Six Sigma, but very much focuses on the human elements of effective and sustainable change and progression.

The workshop combines change theory, people management and team working techniques, combined with practical exercises to reinforce the tools and skills introduced.

Delegates will use their real -world organisational scenarios to consider planned improvement projects and the associated people related challenges and opportunities.

At the end of the workshop, delegates will have produced materials that they can apply to actual improvement projects. They will have considered the needs of all project stakeholders and be prepared to manage their projects to a successful conclusion utilising engaged staff and team members. 


  • The People Aspects of Business Improvement
  • Business Improvements Tools
  • Why and How to change people
  • People working in teams
  • Managing people through Improvements projects
  • applying the principles in your business.

Why choose us?

  • Solid, proven, practical  training, coupled with the exploration of skills, tools and techniques related to people and change managementTrainers are current practitioners with experience implementing Lean Six Sigma training and skills in real organisations
  • Staff with an ability to not only deploy Lean Six Sigma methodologies, but also keep team members engaged in their improvement projectsFlexibility – choose from regular open Lean Six Sigma training courses or tailored, on-site, global training
  • Fast positive impact  on your business to gain full benefit from your Lean Six Sigma initiatives.


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