ANPQP Training and Supply Chain Excellence – For an effective supply chain strategy

ANPQP Training and Supply Chain Excellence for an effective supply chain strategy

ANPQP (Alliance New Product Quality Procedure) is the common procedure used by Renault and Nissan to ensure quality assurance for purchased parts across their supply chain.

Our ANPQP Training has been developed for suppliers to understand Renault-Nissan requirements. This includes the initial project planning phase, through every stage of production and to the end of product life. The training can ensure supply chain excellence for your organisation and has become an essential addition for those businesses looking to improve supply chain strategy.


How our ANPQP Training can improve your supply chain strategy

ANPQP Training is a two-day course that has been designed for Renault and Nissan supplier representatives, such as project managers and quality assurance managers. It is an ideal training course for anyone looking to gain an understanding of ANPQP and the associated procedures and documents. The course is available to any organisation that supplies (or is intending to supply) parts to the Renault-Nissan alliance.

The training syllabus for ANPQP is regularly updated to reflect the latest version of ANPQP. The course currently consists of a combination of presentations and exercises. It includes both Renault and Nissan processes and requirements and concludes with a test on the subjects covered. If you currently supply or would like to supply parts to the Renault-Nissan alliance, it is essential that the ANPQP Training is completed and part of your company’s supply chain strategy.


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Examples of what our delegates say:

“Good quality and rapport with trainer, balance between theory and practical.”  Aisin Europe

“True stories link with the theory.” Marquardt

“Very interactive.” Kongsberg Automotive

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