Strategy & Execution Excellence

An innovative results oriented business transformation model endorsed by EFQM.

your needs

  • Address a strategic burning platform to regain market competitiveness.
  • Sustain improvements for the long term.
  • Introduce a culture of Agility to react to a fast changing landscape.


  • Re-invigorate your organisation.
  • Overcome historical precedents of un-sustained improvement initiatives.
  • Create an Agile culture.
  • Create a culture of ownership focussing on people-led continuous improvement.

who will benefit

Companies of any sector needing support to rapidly accelerate their business transformation journey with measurable outcomes in less than 12 months.

programme details

Our approach comprises of 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 : Engagement & evaluation


- Benchmark of current state against EFQM Concepts of Excellence using a comprehensive assessment tool.

- Clearly quantified gap using assessment outputs.
- Management presentation, planning workshops and leadership engagement sessions.
  • Phase 2 : Strategy planning & deployment


- Development and communication of a clear vision and solution roadmap.

- Engagement of cross functional staff at all levels to break through traditional barriers.
- Prioritization of resource on the right short/mid/long term actions within critical areas for improvement.
  • Phase 3 : Transformation through execution


-Tailored deployment of excellence programme with measurable business outcomes.

-An efficient framework for governing progress.
-Embedded agility in daily operations.
-Development of talent within organization.

benefits to your organisation

  • Benchmarks organisation.
  • Understanding of current state vs desired state.
  • Insight into critical areas for improvement.
  • Develops and communicates clear vision and solution roadmap.
  • Prioritises resource on the right actions.
  • Aligns the whole organisation to the best strategy and plan, and makes progress visible.