Customer service excellence – The principles of Lean for service business

The principles of Lean Six Sigma are no longer reserved solely for manufacturing. We can now apply the methodology behind continuous improvement to any service-based business, from retail and hospitality to accountancy or marketing firms.

By making improvements to processes and service delivery as well as reducing lead times, we help you become a more efficient customer-focused company with a competitive advantage.

Applying the principles of Lean in a service environment

Whether you operate a call centre, supermarket, hotel or any other service-based business, the principles of Lean Six Sigma and continuous improvement can be applied to ensure customer service excellence.

At Renault-Nissan Consulting we involve your employees at all levels, starting with senior management at the top. We then use a combination of ‘breakthrough’ techniques and the principles of Kaizen, including problem solving, visual management, workstation ergonomics and standardisation. All of this helps us lay the foundations of continuous improvement and ensure your customer service processes are significantly more efficient and effective.

An exceptional customer experience using principles of Lean

As well as analysing process efficiency and making continuous improvements in your service business, we ensure staff members are informed and motivated to deliver service excellence.

Implementing the principles of Lean Six Sigma typically involves change management and behavioural elements required to achieve organisational goals. This helps to improve performance at every stage of your customer’s journey, so they are delighted and more likely to return.

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