Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma Training gives individuals and organisations the skills to deliver quantifiable business process improvements.

Lean Six Sigma Training by Renault-Nissan Consulting

Our Lean Six Sigma Training is delivered at a number of venues across the UK through public open training courses. We can also facilitate in-house group training at premises of your choice anywhere in the world.

On all courses, participants develop a base level of knowledge and skills to apply in real-world scenarios before moving on to the next module.

Our experienced Lean Six Sigma Training coaches are all current operational practitioners. This means they offer practical insight into what is required for meaningful, measurable change and improvement within your business. 

Choose from the following Lean Six Sigma Training Courses

  • Lean Practitioner | a hands-on course over three days
  • Yellow Belt | an awareness-level course over two days
  • Green Belt | a practitioner-level course over five days
  • Green Belt to Black Belt | an advanced-level course over ten days for Green Belts upgrading to Black Belt who are involved in solving complex problems
  • Black Belt | an advanced-level course for people involved in solving complex problems
  • A tailored development programme for aspiring Master Black Belts.

Why choose us for Lean Six Sigma Training?

  • Our training is accredited by the British Quality Foundation and qualifies as part of the Lean Six Sigma Certification requirements
  • Trainers are current practitioners with experience implementing Lean Six Sigma training and skills in real organisations
  • Class sizes are limited, giving students direct contact and more time with trainers
  • Flexibility – choose from regular open Lean Six Sigma training courses or tailored, on-site, global training
  • Competitive pricing 
  • Excellent customer testimonials and satisfaction scores

Give your employees and team members the skills they need to affect positive change within your business and make continuous improvements that ensure its success.


Download our Lean Practitioner flyer

Download our Lean Six Sigma flyers

Read our case study on our in-house improvement capability (BT Retail)

Read our case study on Lean Six Sigma in the electronics industry


Some feedback:

“Very good training and was very useful to my job role.”

“Excellent market / industry experience of trainer & his ability to relate to what we do.”

“Clear concise & relevant to my day to day work.”

“Instructor was excellent.”

“Very good structure & content. The trainer did a great job in exploring difficult topics. They brought great examples!”

Upcoming events

January 22
5 days, £1,650 pp + VAT. Week 1: 22nd-24th January Week 2: 19th-20th February
February 06
February 11
10 days, £2,800 pp + VAT. Week 1: 11th-15th February Week 2: 11th-15th March