Supply chain excellence – Refine lead times and reduce costs using the principles of Lean

We review and provide changes for every aspect of your supply chain, such as distribution channels, product flow and packaging costs. Using the expertise we’ve gained working within the Renault-Nissan Alliance, we ensure your logistics and processes are efficient, ethical, cost-effective and result in supply chain excellence.

A methodical approach to achieving supply chain excellence in your business

We combine our experience and knowledge of continuous improvement with the principles of Lean Six Sigma to ensure we have a positive impact on your supply chain. We use our V-MOST Strategy Deployment method to produce a clear plan, either as a holistic approach or for more specific improvements. Our overall goal is to review the issues that prevent you from achieving supply chain excellence as well as identifying opportunities we can build on.  

Supply chain excellence that leads to business success

By working with us to simplify or improve your supply chain process, your organisation will benefit from reduced operational expenses and Total Delivered Cost (TDC), which has a positive impact on your profit.

The effects are not purely financial, however. Supply chain excellence also leads to better value (both at supplier and collaborative value stream level), refined lead times and better stock management.

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