Why Lean Six Sigma certification can help motivate your team, improve processes and ultimately lead to greater business success
Glenn Gooding

Glenn Gooding, managing consultant at Renault-Nissan Consulting discusses the benefits of using Lean Sigma for businesses.


Implementing the principles of Lean Six Sigma is about much more than reducing wasted resources, although this is a significant benefit. Operating as a ‘Lean’ organisation requires the buy-in from numerous members of your team at different levels as well as a commitment to continuously review processes and procedures. The effective application of the Lean Six Sigma methodology can have a major impact of the success of your organisation, such as improvements in customer service and reducing your bottom line. These and other benefits of obtaining an official Lean certification are explained below.


Effective implementation

While any business leader can attempt to instil a culture of continuous improvement in their organisation, it is likely they will see greater success by officially implementing the principles of Lean Six Sigma. The various stages of certification for Six Sigma are designed to enable trainees to learn at the right pace and develop their skills in different areas. The result is a more structured approach to implementing Lean in a business as well as on-the-job learning, with ‘real life’ practical ways improvements can be made.


A (real-life) lesson in continuous improvement

Lean Six Sigma certification covers the theory behind the methodology. But most importantly it allows employees to work on ‘real life’ process improvements that make a difference to the organisation. This accelerates learning and also means the effects of Lean Six Sigma and continuous improvement can be witnessed almost immediately.

From your organisation’s perspective, certification adds assurance that employees of Lean Six Sigma project managers have received the necessary training to be successful. This also means process improvements can be made and wasted resources eliminated across the business, without having to rely on senior leaders to make changes.   


Reduce waste, eliminate errors

If you’ve read this far you probably already know that Lean Six Sigma can lead to the reduction of wasted time and resources or the elimination of defects in products. But what is less commonly known is that there is a specific methodology you can follow to identify what these are and improve processes. Lean Six Sigma certification means you or your team members gain the expertise from a knowledgeable practitioner or coach. This ensures you see a return on your investment in Lean Six Sigma, with a greater chance of success and a more motivated continuous improvement team.


Higher customer satisfaction

With Lean Six Sigma certification, staff members can become highly skilled at improving processes associated with production, efficiency and delivery. This has a fundamental and far-reaching impact on customer satisfaction. For example, by reducing the time it takes to deliver an order or removing the root cause of defects in goods being produced, customers receive a better service and your organisation receives fewer complaints.

Better customer service can also lead to increased revenue and profits. Through word of mouth, satisfied customers are more likely to recommend your products, which has a positive impact on sales.


Improve team confidence and managerial abilities

Official certification gives your continuous improvement team members the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to be more effective. The Lean Six Sigma training course prepares trainees for leadership roles, helping them deal with the implementation of Lean principles. They’ll learn where to look for cost cutting opportunities, improve speed in production and spot ways processes could be done better. Those trainees who take on and achieve a Black Belt in Six Sigma are also shown how to have a significant impact on their organisation while delegating and inspiring their team members.


If you’d like to discuss our Lean Six Sigma training or consultancy services, contact RNC.info@RNConsulting.co.uk and one of our consultants will be happy to help.

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