With professional management consulting and Lean training your organisation can begin its continuous improvement journey and be more efficient.
Dean Simpson

Dean Simpson, a Senior Consultant of Renault-Nissan Consulting, reflects on Lean training


When it comes to implementing Lean training or any continuous improvement project within your organisation, you need a management consultant with the skills to turn your leaders into Lean experts.


In this article, we have provided insight into how you can spot the signs of an expert Lean management consultant – someone who can help you reach ‘True North’ while also inspiring your team members to be part of your waste-reducing, process improving Lean organisation.


Taking action

When it comes to motivating a team to help you become a Lean organisation, one should first understand that a good management consultant will lead by example. Although teaching and training employees in the theory behind Lean principles is essential, it’s equally important to get practical – with ‘real-life’ lessons and examples of how Lean can improve a department or organisation.


The journey to a Lean organisation and culture is one that takes time and a lot of practice. And in order to create Lean leaders, a management consultant must be able to coach colleagues and team members through the activity, giving plenty of guidance as they go.


Multiple project management

Depending on the size of your business, it is an initiative that includes numerous departments, functions and people at any given moment, and a good management consultant will oversee them all simultaneously. Lean training should be rolled out across the organisation, with leaders being given the knowledge and appropriate level of autonomy to make improvements and remove unnecessary waste. With visibility of all areas of the organisation and working regularly with your Lean leaders, management consultants can provide the insight and corrections necessary to ensure your organisation can continue on its Lean journey independently over time.


A cultural shift

At Renault-Nissan Consulting, we make sure our clients understand that Lean is not a one-off project or a quick fix for reducing the bottom line. It is an on-going programme of change or continuous improvement. And it requires the ‘buy-in’ from your leadership team as well as all of your employees. Everyone can contribute to making your business a ‘Lean machine’, regardless of their job title or level, by continually reviewing the way they carry out tasks, the suppliers they use or the lead times your business works towards.


With effective management consulting services provided by Renault-Nissan Consulting and a structured Lean training programme that includes both theoretical and practical methods of coaching, you can create a shift in the way your business operates. This is more than a project with a set of specific objectives and deadlines. It is a cultural shake-up, for which you need a team of motivated, enthusiastic and knowledgeable Lean leaders.


Long-term vision

By working with a reputable management consultant such as Renault-Nissan Consulting you and your team members can gain the knowledge you need to work towards ‘True North’. When it comes to Lean principles and the on-going improvement of business processes, True North is what you set your sights on – the ideal scenario you will achieve through your Lean practices. It’s important to establish this at the beginning of your journey, even though it’s perfectly acceptable to change or adapt your objectives as you go. Having a clearly laid out plan with the long-term vision you have for your business will not only help you monitor and measure results, but it will ensure all of your Lean leaders are clear about their role and understand the direction they should be taking their teams.
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